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Leverage my voice for your success!

Leverage my voice for your success!


Voice talent specializing in eLearning, commercials, narrations, political, technology, and wine! 

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A little bit about me...

Bio Spoken

Thank you for making your way to my About page. I am a male voice actor, husband, story-teller, pack-leader, HOA President, successful business owner, volunteer, thought leader, team player, world traveler, and wine connoisseur. It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance! Let’s get started…… I came to the world in the usual way in Sacramento, CA. As a small business owner for 50 years, my father taught me many lessons about life and business that I continue to use daily. Values like integrity, determination, courage, boldness, even-handed judgement, and strategic thinking were going to be foundations upon which I could build a successful life. My father was my best man. My father was my best friend. My father is and always will be my hero! My voice career began early. I participated in choir during my years in elementary school. In high school my thespian adventures included three high school plays with two of them being musicals. As a high school athlete, I played football, track, and was an all-city rugby player. College brought a focus on sports and education. As a starting member of the rugby team we put together a high-caliber season where we finished the season with a 33-1 record and won the national championship. I graduated in the top 10 of my class and earned a BA in Economics. I was President of both the Economics Club and the Economics Honor Society. These experiences, along with others, have shaped who I am today. My first job was in IT at Campbell Soup. I learned how to build and manage large-scale software systems. Campbell’s also paid for my Master’s degree in Software Engineering. This experience paved the way to propel my career to work for companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard. For the final 15 years of my career, I sold and managed global IT outsourcing agreements and technology solutions to clients in the Fortune 100. Clients included Boeing, Wal-Mart, United Health Group, Gallo Wines, Amgen and McKesson. My wife and I enjoy traveling the world, exploring new places, and trying new foods and wines! Having already been to 28 countries and 44 wine regions, we look forward to continuing our love affair and our journey down the long and winding road! As I turn to my next career move, in voice over, my Dad’s words continue to ring in my ears. I have been professionally trained by Such A Voice and seek additional training opportunities from trusted sources in the voice over industry. Many thanks to Ed Renninger, Nancy Wilson, and Joshua Alexander! I am very fortunate to have been trained by you! I am also volunteering my time at Librivox in an effort to get audiobooks into the public domain. The consistent theme that I hear is that my voice exudes a sense of confidence, success, and persuasiveness. My voice coach has created the tagline “When you need the voice of a CEO; Thomas Robinson is the way to go!”. My focus is on Commercial, Narration, Political, Promo, Technology, Economics, Globalization, Money & Banking, Military, Medical, Audiobooks, e-Learning, Explainer, Vacation, Luxury Goods, and Wine. I look forward to discussing how my voice can be leveraged to assist you with driving success in your projects.

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