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Leverage my voice for your success!

Leverage my voice for your success!


Voice talent for eLearning, Commercial, Narration, Promotion, and Audiobook services for: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Sports, Wine, Travel, Political, and Real Estate.

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Thomas Robinson

Bio Spoken

Thank you for making your way to my About page. I am a male voice actor, husband, story-teller, pack-leader, HOA President, thought leader, team player, world traveler, and wine connoisseur. It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance! My voice career began early. I participated in choir during my years in elementary school. In high school my thespian adventures included three high school plays with two of them being musicals. As a high school athlete, I played football, track, and was an all-city rugby player. I have been consulting and collaborating with clients looking for ways to drive their success for 25 years. One of my most memorable clients was Ernest and Julio Gallo Wines. I won a global outsourcing agreement to manage technology at wineries and business partners across the globe! This was an incredible opportunity and a brand-new foray into the world of wine! I learned a great deal about the wine industry and the wine making process. As a result, I am now a connoisseur of fine wines and have traveled to 46 wine regions around the world. In addition, I take wine studies classes and look to expand my wine knowledge whenever possible. My wife and I enjoy traveling the world, exploring new places, and trying new foods and wines! We live in Portland, Oregon and also have a home in Bend, Oregon which we visit regularly. We enjoy spending time with family and friends and taking our 90-pound dog on outdoor adventures throughout Oregon and Washington. With my background, experience, and a voice which exudes a sense of confidence, success, warmth, depth, and persuasiveness, I provide eLearning, Commercial, Narration, and Audiobooks voice services for: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Sports, Travel, Wine, Political, and Real Estate. I look forward to discussing how my voice can be leveraged to drive success in your projects! Book me, Now!

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